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7 Lessons Learned After 7 Years in Business

They said we were crazy. Back in 2009, Miami was littered with foreclosures, people were losing their jobs left and right, and we were in the process of founding Debowsky Design Group. But, while a lot has changed over the past seven years, one thing hasn’t: people love good design.

Our success has been driven entirely by our design philosophy, “from the inside, out.” It guides our stylistic expression and reflects our clients’ visions for their spaces. Along the way, we’ve certainly learned a lot about ourselves, our clients and our community.

Funny thing is, the lessons we’ve learned take us back to some of the core values of Kindergarten: simple, honest and all about working together to have a great time. Here are seven of those lessons:

Play by the Rules.

There’s an old saying: “You can’t fight city hall.” And each municipality in South Florida has its own set of rules, regulations and restrictions to building and renovating within their jurisdiction. By crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s, we’ve been able to get our clients’ projects permitted and ready to go without the stress and tears most associate with the permitting process.

Color Outside the Lines.

We encourage our clients to think creatively, rather than focus on the popular design trends they’ve seen on Pinterest. This allows us to create truly unique, timeless spaces that our clients can enjoy for years to come rather than until the fad ends.

Play Well with Others.

Fostering relationships is absolutely essential in our industry. We work with many amazing South Florida vendors on our residential and commercial projects. Whether it’s engineers, general contractors, electricians, art gallery owners or realtors, our partners make everything possible.

It’s the Spirit that Counts.

In our business, you’re only as good as your last job. Bad news spreads more quickly than good, and we always want our clients to spread the good word about our work. We’ve built our business on referrals from our past clients, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Share Everything.

From the beginning of each and every project, we make sure the lines of communication are open. Sharing all the different solutions available gives our clients the ability to put their stamp on the design and ensures that we have a firm understanding of the client’s goals, needs and budget from the beginning.

Don’t Break the Piggy Bank.

We produce quality work, and that comes with a price tag. We strive to provide a valuable service, and we welcome the opportunity to help our clients find what realistically fits within their budgets.

Have Fun!

Creating a dream space for a client is why we love what we do. We want the process to be just as much fun for our clients.

Working from the inside, out – over the past seven years – we’ve strived to redefine how space and design are perceived to evoke powerful emotions tied to the spaces where we live and work.

Here’s to seven more years.



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