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Modernizing and Upgrading the Façade of your Home

Just like us, our home’s face can make a big impression. As humans, we are attracted to symmetry – whether that is in reference to eye placement or greenery – we intrinsically are drawn to pleasing proportions.

So, what does that mean when it comes to exterior design. Well, if your home is showing its age – it may be time for a facelift. 

Your home exterior’s appearance not only dictates a large part of its value, but how you, your neighbors, and potential buyers feel upon seeing your home. From windows to roofing and down to your door color, your home’s façade can help improve the value of your home, so it is well worth exploring your options.

Here’s some inspiration for taking your home façade from ordinary to extraordinary:

Change the Proportions of Your Home

Sometimes, in order to create a more pleasing balance and greater symmetry, you have to consider altering the proportions of the home itself. This can include extending the house upwards or outwards. 

Larger extensions could include adding a second story to a home or an addition to extend the positioning of the property on the lot. Smaller projects could simply extend a covered entryway or replace a curved entry with a more modern squared off look. 

Highlight the Original Style

Homes are more interesting when they showcase their personality. We always like to consider highlighting the original architectural elements of a home, whether it’s mid-century modern, key west, Spanish or otherwise. Trimming back the landscape details and repeating key elements like wood, glass or metal can draw the eye in.  

Put a Fresh Coat on It

The simplest and perhaps most budget-friendly upgrade is to give your house a fresh coat of paint. Tying the shutter color a few shades darker or lighter, based on your color choice, can make a big impact with little damage to your wallet. 

Make an Impact

Here in South Florida, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you to put in impact windows. The benefits are seemingly endless but here are 3 to really be aware of: they protect your home from hurricane-force winds, they reduce your insurance bill, and they are big and beautiful. 

It truly is impressive what you can accomplish when upgrading your home’s façade. If you have any questions, or are ready to get started, give us a call today.