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Most architects bow out after permitting—why we don’t

When going through a home renovation, many people think think that an architect hands you the blueprints, shakes your hand, and then moves on to their next project. Many architects think this too. But at Debowsky Design Group, we believe in being present through the whole construction process. Why? We believe that the project is not done until the construction is done and you are living in your home happily. 

Architect’s design development

An architect doesn’t just make nice looking drawings (though they can be pretty nice). Their designs are done in a way that can be translated into a set of permit drawings. These come with identified safety and code issues as well as various design proposals for your spaces. The idea is that, with these designs, you’ll be approved a building permit to oversee your home renovation. 

Once you have the designs, does that mean you and the architect can just shake hands and walk off into the sunset? No, it doesn’t – at least it shouldn’t. While the designs that the architect submits are well drawn and researched, there can be a lot of differences between how a part of your home looks like on a design and how it actually functions. This can lead to a lot of changes between the design process, the construction and the final product. 

We stay on beyond permitting

At Debowsky Design Group, we don’t leave you high and dry once the building permits come through. We stay on through the renovation process to not only ensure that the renovation meets your every goal, but to keep an eye out for any hiccups along the way. As Andre 3000 once said, “you can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather.”

Through staying on the project, we can take on additional challenges that’ll help your renovation run smoothly. We can:

Oversee revisions

Even the best plans go through some form of revising once they’re in motion. Having your architect stay on the project can help those revisions be implemented back into the original designs, keeping everything in line with each other.

Problem solve

Having the architect present can add another voice of expertise to the process. By being present, the architect can provide creative solutions to problems that other contractors or team members may not readily think about.

Respect the original design

During the renovation process, shortcuts may be taken for reasons like time or money. But the architect can work these revisions back into the original design, keeping your original intentions intact.

Debowsky Design Group—Your home project’s best partner

Having a committed architect on your project can take your renovation from “complete” to “better than I could’ve imagined.” We don’t just design great projects—we oversee them, with you, the homeowner, in mind. Whether it’s the brand new kitchen you’ve always wanted or the outdoor area of your dreams, Debowsky Design Group is ready to help bring your imagination to life. Contact us today so you can get started on your next favorite project (and if you hired another architect and are looking for someone to come on as an owner’s representative in the construction phase, we can help with that too).