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Renovating a Miami Home: Here are 3 Things You Really Should Consider

Renovating a home is already a feat in and of itself. Here in Miami, the process can look a bit different than in other parts of the country. Namely, we have our own locally-driven hurdles and obstacles to consider when tackling large-scale renovations and new construction. 

While we wish we could tell you that renovations here in the Magic City are textbook, simple, and straightforward, that usually is not the case. 

From storm considerations and permit timetables to managing existing septic systems and saltwater corrosion, South Florida homes typically face a wealth of issues that may need your attention before you set your budget and embark on your renovation project.  

Here are three major things to consider before your renovation.

  1. Permit Timetable – Permits, permits, permits. Miami is made up of a number of smaller cities, each with their own specific permit requirements that differ from the next – sometimes by quite a bit. Depending on which city your home is in, the permitting regulations could be drastically more particular and could have a longer wait period before you are approved to build. 
  2. Sewer Connection- Did you know that many Miami-Dade homes are still reliant on septic tanks? While the county started to push towards replacing septic tanks with sewer connections back in the ‘70s – the number of homes that are on septic has actually increased! Reports show that over time septic tanks need to be repaired, replaced or even moved (especially if you are looking to add a pool to your yard). 
  3. Cast Iron Plumbing: Decades ago, homebuilders used cast iron plumbing underneath the concrete slab. Those pipes are now rusting. If you plan to renovate your kitchen or other room that requires plumbing, it’s a very good idea to replace these pipes now while you are under construction rather than wait for the pipe to burst and have a big issue with an already re-done space and be forced to rip up everything you just did. The good news: if you are already ripping up the space, it is not much more expensive to address this plumbing kerfuffle. 

If you are ready to renovate your space, get in touch with our team and we can help you address every consideration and ensure your home is going to be the home you want it to be for decades to come.