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Why your architect would need project photos after your renovation is finished

When your renovation is finished, you’ll probably want to take photos of the finalized work. For us, we’d love to show the work off to our friends and family, update holiday cards, and have a record of everything that was accomplished.

Likewise, your architect will probably want to take photos of the renovation once it’s finished. Why? Well, your architect may need photos for a couple of reasons. Below we explore a few reasons that you can expect.

Benefits of renovation photography

Renovation photography comes with a good deal of benefits, both for you, the homeowner, and the architect overseeing the project. These can include:

Project tracking

It’s highly likely that your architect will want photos after the renovation finishes to properly track how the entire project went. For example, they might want to compare the initial designs with the finished work to get a better sense of the overall project.

Historical records

Photos of the finished renovation project are also good historical records for later projects. When added to the collection of progress photos, architects can use that information to reconstruct how the project went, any challenges that may have arisen, and where everything in the room or house sits.


Sometimes architects take photos of a finished renovation to protect themselves against litigation. Unfortunately, no matter how diligent and thorough a team is, disagreements and conflicts can arise. Photos of the finished renovation can also help protect the architect once work is completed.

Marketing purposes

In addition to covering an architect’s ass…ets, finished photos can make or break the next potential client. People can be told an architect can do X, Y, and Z things for them. But seeing the work itself can do a lot more than just talking. In that case, a picture is most definitely worth a thousand words.

Types of renovation site photography

Architects will make use of a variety of photography types to capture the scope and scale of a project. Some types of photography architects may use include:

360° photography

360° cameras allow you to capture the whole of a room or space, from wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor. Plenty of architects make use of 360° cameras to fully capture the scope of a room, all in one neat photo.

Drone photography

If a renovation includes elements of your home’s exterior or outside property, an architect may utilize a drone to snap pics of the whole area. 

Timelapse photography

Some architects may use timelapse photos to really capture how a project went down, ending with the finalized look. 

Old-fashioned point-and-click

There’s nothing wrong with the classics. Architects can also use their phones, a camera or a photographer to capture a project’s final look.

Make your next project photo-worthy

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